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id rdcb-mo name RDCB type registry standsFor Registro de Cancro de Beira conceptDescription The Registro de Cancro de Beira was founded in 2005, after Dr Ferro had undertaken training in Lyon and Goiania (Brazil).Location of cancer registry. The registry occupies an office in the department of pathology, within the Hospital Central (Clinical Director: Dr Elvira Xavier and General Director: Augusto César Macome). It is well equipped with office equipment, storage and a well-functioning desk top computer. The registry does not have access to its own transport. Apart from the Director, at present there is only one staff member- the cancer registrar (Telma Sande) who has been with the registry for 13 months, and is working half time. The previous staff members (Dr Helder Rassolo) who attended the IARC summer school in 2012 has tranferred to Nampula and Anuario Alfai has moved to Human Resources Department.The registry covers the district of Beira, one of 13 of Sofala Province, one of the 11 provinces of Mozambique. Beira district comprises 23 bairros. The data are being entered using simple EXCEL spreadsheets, one for each year. Several items – for example, place of residence, source of information, are entered as abbreviations (Annex 2). There are no quality control procedures, or duplicate checks performed. The registry prepares an internal report each year. The great majority of patients are included in the registry with basis of diagnosis histology or cytology. There are very few clinical only cases – 2% in 2011 (suggesting under-ascertainment of cases in clinical services), and no cases based on death certificate information only. reference https://afcrn.org/index.php/membership/membership-list/105-beira country Mozambique

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