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id rdca-ci name RDCA type registry standsFor Registre des Cancers d鈥橝bidjan conceptDescription The registry was founded in 1994. It worked for about 8 years, under the direction of the late Professor Antoine Echimane, but ceased operations in 2002. After a period of political instability in the country, recording restarted in 2011, focusing on retrospective record (since 2007) at first, but with the goal of complete data collection for 2012 in this year. The registry office is based in the Department of Oncology, including a desk for the director, a computer room and a meeting room (room A Echimane). There are 3 computers available, but only one (the one used for data entry) dedicated to the registry, an inverter, but no photocopier. The registry is the owner of a VW van (offered by an NGO), but it is out of service now and in need of repair. Currently, transportation is by public transport, or in personal vehicles.The staff are generally paid from the budget of the Department of Oncology. There is no budget for the purchase of supplies and equipment or for maintenance and replacement of equipment. A grant was received from Hoffman La Roche which has some modernization and purchase of office equipment. Transportation costs, particularly travel expenses are covered by the budget of the Service.The registry is intended to cover the city of Abidjan. reference https://afcrn.org/index.php/membership/membership-list/98-registre-des-cancers-d-abidjan country C么te d'Ivoire

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