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Breast Cancer

42,269U.S. deaths per year 264,115U.S. cases per year 16%U.S. mortality rate

Breast Cancer on

Subtypes of Breast Cancer include Adenomyoepithelioma of the Breast, Breast Ductal Carcinoma In Situ, Breast Fibroepithelial Neoplasms, Breast Lobular Carcinoma In Situ, Breast Neoplasm, NOS, Breast Sarcoma, Inflammatory Breast Cancer, Invasive Breast Carcinoma, Juvenile Secretory Carcinoma of the Breast, Metaplastic Breast Cancer

title Breast Cancer type cancerType mainType Breast Cancer, NOS uscsId Female Breast tissue Breast uscsDeathsPerYear 42269 uscsCasesPerYear 264115 uscsMortalityRate 16% oncoTreeId BREAST parentOncoTreeId TISSUE umls C0006141 nciCode C12971 oncoTreeLevel 1 subTypes 35 wikipedia cancerDotGov cancerDotOrg gco reference annualDeathsReport US 2020 42275 uscsTable 2019 sex|age|population|cases|deaths F|0|1841226|~|~ F|1-4|7728847|~|~ F|5-9|9886447|~|~ F|10-14|10190891|~|~ F|15-19|10313575|24|~ F|20-24|10577124|184|~ F|25-29|11518714|1192|90 F|30-34|11093732|3305|341 F|35-39|10861340|6964|759 F|40-44|10014341|13064|1152 F|45-49|10307804|20518|1835 F|50-54|10387588|24768|2762 F|55-59|11232044|30422|3978 F|60-64|10708826|36064|4898 F|65-69|9252566|38975|5123 F|70-74|7527818|35472|5300 F|75-79|5333117|24628|4553 F|80-84|3636357|15175|4142 F|85+|4225260|13360|7336

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