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Uterine Cancer

11,539U.S. deaths per year 59,447U.S. cases per year 19%U.S. mortality rate

Uterine Cancer on

Subtypes of Uterine Cancer include Endometrial Carcinoma, Gestational Trophoblastic Disease, Other Uterine Tumor, Uterine Sarcoma/Mesenchymal

title Uterine Cancer type cancerType mainType Uterine Cancer, NOS uscsId Corpus and Uterus, NOS tissue Uterus uscsDeathsPerYear 11539 uscsCasesPerYear 59447 uscsMortalityRate 19% oncoTreeId UTERUS parentOncoTreeId TISSUE umls C0042149 nciCode C12405 oncoTreeLevel 1 subTypes 36 wikipedia cancerDotGov uscsTable 2019 sex|age|population|cases|deaths F|0|1841226|~|~ F|1-4|7728847|~|~ F|5-9|9886447|~|~ F|10-14|10190891|~|~ F|15-19|10313575|~|~ F|20-24|10577124|60|~ F|25-29|11518714|264|~ F|30-34|11093732|652|35 F|35-39|10861340|1172|83 F|40-44|10014341|1738|116 F|45-49|10307804|2892|253 F|50-54|10387588|4927|467 F|55-59|11232044|8525|899 F|60-64|10708826|10632|1577 F|65-69|9252566|10737|2005 F|70-74|7527818|8292|2006 F|75-79|5333117|4888|1539 F|80-84|3636357|2649|1149 F|85+|4225260|2019|1410

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