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Albert Einstein and the #DavidFund
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Albert Einstein and the #DavidFund

To save $2.83M you can download it for free from the amazing Project Gutenberg.

Solving the toughest types of cancer

by Breck Yunits

November 10, 2022 — The world lost a great man this week and though we are about to make a huge breakthrough in tackling the easiest cancer cases, we did not have much of a plan for defeating the Goliaths. Our information breakthroughs are important but last month's post also talks about the "grim reality" and says it will "take a far larger more Herculean effort to solve the toughest types of cancer". That's why today we're launching something new: the #DavidFund.

The #DavidFund

The #DavidFund is an emergency grant fund that will make same day decisions and fund transfers via NEAR (minimum $28.30, maximum $28,300.00) to crazy cancer researchers with previously rejected ideas all over the world.

Funding provided by Albert Einstein (indirectly)

To fund this project I am auctioning off my signed first edition copy of The Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein on eBay with a starting price of $28,300, a higher reserve price, and a buy it now price of $2.83M USD. You can also just send $2.83M USD worth of NEAR to CancerDB.near and I will cancel the eBay auction.

To apply for funding

You can apply for funding starting now. Explain your idea in a readme on GitHub and tweet a oneliner and link and include the hashtag #DavidFund. We will do our best to make funding decisions same day and we will send all funds from the CancerDB.near account.

prostateExams.html · david-fund.html · holey-moley.html

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